Victoria Trip - Rockn Rolls

Visiting Rockn Rolls was one of the best experiences in Victoria! I LOVE Fisherman's Wharf.  I love being outside on the water and the ambiance of all of the house boats and restaurants on the Wharf. And this restaurant is super cute, cozy and clean.


Now for the sushi - the best! We ordered a huge selection of different sushi and they were all excellent. We had the California Crunch, the Crispy Crunch, the Fisherman's Roll and a Tuna Roll and a Shrimp Roll. I really liked the Fisherman's Roll with Shrimp Tempura, cucumber and avocado topped with fresh Dungeness crab and scallops and then torched and baked with Rockn' sauce and crispy fried. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

My son ordered two dishes of the Crispy Crunch cuz he loved it so much but honestly anything you order will be excellent. What was really great was that they served our sushi in a huge sushi boat. It was great. Great presentation!

The service was excellent and the owner so sweet. We had a great time and you can't underestimate the amazement of being on the water at Fisherman's Wharf - even in the winter. In the summer it is even more amazing with all the activity and the people. 

This place was packed in the winter and it was a good thing we had reservations. In the summer it will be a must - although there are picnic tables outside. There are only ten seats inside. Right now there is also a Groupon online. Pay $24 for $40 worth of Sushi or $12 for $20. Great deal!
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