Royal Pizza - Saddleback Road

When we first moved to Edmonton we tried to order from Royal Pizza and was told that there are "no substitutions" to their pizzas so we skipped ordering.  The other day a friend said that was no longer true so we ordered from Royal tonight - only to find that they still have a no substitutions policy.  Oh well, we found a couple pizzas we liked and ordered two larges (these are 12" pizzas - not quite the large size that we're used to).  While the crust is good and the pizzas come with a decent amount of cheese and toppings, we didn't find it was worth the $52 price for two pizzas which is significantly higher than other places that we normally order from.  The above pizza is the Fred's Special with Ham, Pepperoni, Pineapple and Mushrooms.  The below is the Donair Pizza with donair meat, tomatoes, onions and a side of tzatziki (no donair sauce).  Nothing out of this world so we probably won't order from here again.  Oh, and I didn't like how they cut the pizza in squares!

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