Victoria Trip: First Restaurant - The Docks

So now that I'm blogging about food I thought it would be fun to go back and record our Victoria trip in December as we ate at so many great restaurants and ate so much good food!  So for the next few days, expect to read about our great experiences in Victoria, British Columbia.
On our first night in Victoria we headed directly to the Inner Harbour for a bit of a "patio crawl" but inside as it is December! I went armed with a list of restaurants from my extensive research. I was looking for good seafood, right on the water at a great restaurant. We drove by The Docks which looked exactly what I was looking for so we turned around, parked and returned. It wasn't on my list but it is a great looking restaurant, in a perfect location with great ambiance and seafood specials posted outside. Steak and Lobster or Steak and Dungeness Crab or Whole Lobster for $26.98. Got in and were seated on the patio right next to the fireplace with a beautiful view of the Parliament Buildings, all the Xmas lights and the boats below - perfect! We were given a menu and I knew I was in heaven. I love an extensive seafood menu and this one is one of the best I've seen. But we were on a patio crawl and needed to hit a few different spots but I was so tempted to just stay there and enjoy dinner. So some wine and two appies were what we were eyeing for. And then I saw they had an Atlantic Lobster Roll on the menu and knew I had to have it. I've never had one and really wanted to try one. I knew it would be heavier than I wanted for an appetizer but had to have one. That was my only mistake. It wasn't like a lobster roll at all. It tasted like all celery and it was served in a portuguese bun (as mentioned on the menu). Not what I was expecting at all so it was quite a disappointment but my husband ate it.

So I got the wonton prawns that he ordered and they were excellent. The wine was enjoyable as well. We will definitely return and try some other items on their great menu. I recommend others try this restaurant while in town - just don't order the lobster roll!

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