Victoria Trip - Bella Montagna

This was honestly the best meal we had during our two weeks in Victoria - and probably even our best meal ever! And we visit some pretty good restaurants regular.

Bella Montagna was not even on our radar so did not make our "short list" of restaurants to visit. Lucky for us, we made plans to go out for dinner with two local Chefs and left the restaurant selection to them as the "experts" and they both agreed that Bella Montagna was the best choice. It was amazing! First of all, to be able to visit the beautiful Bear Mountain just rounded out our amazing trip to beautiful Victoria. It is spectacular and well worth a visit by all.

Then the food! Oh my god, the food! We started with a five item charcuterie plate including duck carpaccio, foie gras and sous vide lobster with two cheeses. My mouth is still watering. Everything was amazing and the combination and presentation was wonderful. But that foie gras was to die for! Literally the best foie gras I have ever had - and probably the best thing that has ever passed my lips! I REALLY wanted to take some home with me - but it wouldn't have lasted our drive back to Edmonton. I am craving it as we speak.

We also enjoyed the Lobster wrapped Scallops which was part of the tasting menu. Then I had the scallops and my husband had the Gnocchi. There was not a bad bite to be had but that Gnocchi was absolutely the best I've ever had (sorry to my husband's aunts who are Italian) but I have never tasted Gnocchi like that. So good! You must try it!!

And the prices are REALLY reasonable, despite previous reviews to the contrary. They have a five course tasting menu for $45 per person. And if you visit on Thursday nights it is "Date Night" so TWO people enjoy the five course tasting menu each for $65 per couple - amazing! There are wine pairings as well. On Friday night it is Wine Tasting Night which is reasonable and sounds amazing as well. We enjoyed a five item charcuterie plate, another appetizer (lobster), two entrees, and TWO bottles of wine for $150. The next evening we went to a highly rated restaurant in Kamloops and only had a 1/2 litre of wine plus two appies, two dinners and one desert and paid $135 - and it wasn't nearly as good.

Service was great as well. I specifically asked our servers name so that I could give him a "shout out" but after two bottles of wine I'm at a loss! He was great though.

Victoria is my home town and I love returning to visit family but now I will even more frequently! I would give this place 10 stars if I could!

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