XIX - Again!!

So I felt like we were kind of cheating on our son.  As I have previously mentioned, our son Nikko used to work for Chef Fung at XIX.  He now works for Chef Michael at Vivo.  The other night he was at work at Vivo and Philly and I went for appetizers and drinks on the patio at XIX!

It was absolutely great.  We shared four appies and I had some very nice Malbec and then we even shared a desert.  When Nikko called to get picked up from work we told him his former co-workers said hi and that they missed him and he was such a sweet boy.  Nice for his proud parents.  He said "You're at XIX"??  We will definitely go to Vivo soon!

Here's what we had:

I started with a glass of Malbec and Phil had a berry type beer.  It was good!

This was the most amazing dish ever!  Fat Tire Ale beer battered oyster with panko crusted bone marrow.  It was delicious!!!!!  I love a menu that allows me to try bone marrow (this is only my second time and the best I've had to date) and to pair it with a fried oyster (only the second time I've had this too and this definitely rivaled the fresh fried oysters I had in Mazatlan).


This is my empty plate of Fried Oyster with Bone Marrow.  I ate every bite!  It was REALLY delicious!

Phil ordered the Double Smoked Bacon Wrapped Scallops with crispy risotto croquettes and a cauliflower puree.  Very good!

And the Escargot Vol Au Vent.  This was my least favorite dish.  It looked great and the escargot were delicious I just didn't care for the spicy sauce they were in. 

This is the Irving Farms Kakuni.  It's a sake soy glazed pork belly with a 63 degree egg and ponzu butter sauce.  This was amazing!  

And we even had dessert - and we never have dessert!  This dessert has a cute name that I forget.  It's a warm cookie with Dulce de Leche sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Perfect ending to a perfect meal!

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