Bar Bricco

A dream has now become a reality!  For a long time Bar Bricco has been on my wish list and finally on Saturday night we were one of three couples in line right at 5:00 pm to get the coveted only three tables in the whole place.  The rest of the seats are at the bar which are great too!

The ambiance is, of course, great.  I love the vibe of this place.

Interestingly the music playing was Reggae which I quite liked.

 Aglianico ($48.00 bottle)
The wine is pricey at about $46 - 48/bottle to start and increasing significantly from there - but it was good!

Loved the fresh meats hanging in the cooler and the meat slicers right out on the bar.

It was awesome to watch them prepare the salumi trays . . .

and to see them come out.

Now on to our appetizers!  The Egg Yolk Raviolo has definitely been on my must try list (and clearly that of others as well).  It's received rave reviews and everyone is talking about it.  So, I insisted that for this appetizer, that I wasn't going to share!  So my husband and I each got our own.

This is one with the egg yolk broken into:

Word cannot even begin to describe how good this is.  It is outstandingly delicious.  I was in foodie heaven.  It was just amazing.
For our next course we decided to share the Fonduta Agnolotti Dal Plin with Sage Butter and Parmiagiano.

We couldn't quite get the lighting right but this dish was out of this world!  Maybe even better than the Raviolo.  I loved it.  You dipped the Agnolotti into the Sage Butter and then into the Parmigiano.  It was divine!  Next time hubby will need to get one of his own of these as well!

Our third choice from the Sputini menu was the Eggs Moliterno.  I had recently read a great review of this that made it sound tantalizing.  Unfortunately, it didn't do it for me.  Both the visual and the texture reminded me of scrambled eggs and I unfortunately couldn't get past that.  I wanted the rich, creamy, indulgent dish with the smooth and velvety texture that the last reviewer I read described.  There was a tasty amount of truffle oil and a decent amount of pepper that made the dish perfectly seasoned.

It's served with crostinis.

And Royalty was in the house:

And for desert they have Chocolate Truffles on the menu.  We didn't imbibe but my husband's camera has an amazing zoom lense!

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