Continental Treat Fine Bistro


I had to try this place after reading so many reviews.  We ordered the Dill Pickle Soup because of all the raves about it. I guess I was expecting something different given all the reviews but it was okay. I thought it was something I would want to return for. It wasn't. My husband loves dill pickles though and he liked it.

Then we shared two appetizers the Escargot a la Bourguignone and the Courvoisier Shrimp. The shrimp was good in a cognac and garlic sauce, the Escargot were amazing - very rich in a cream reduction sauce served with crostinis which was excellent.

Enjoyed a couple glasses of wine which was good but pricey. Their least expensive option for a half litre of wine is $29 which I think is ridiculous and bottle prices for dinner are very expensive. My husband had a couple of cappuccinos which ended up sitting on the counter getting cold so he went and got his second one himself. Not because the service we had from our young gal wasn't excellent because it was. She was great! But she was very busy with many tables and another older gal seemed to be only serving one VIP table and when she wasn't busy she certainly wasn't bringing over my husband's hot cappuccino.

Overall, a pleasant visit. We have now been here and tried it and it's not something we would have to return for. We normally hit several places on and around Whyte Ave during the Spring/Summer for a  "patio crawl" for an appy and a drink. The wine prices here will likely deter me from adding it as a stop on our crawl. A more reasonably priced house wine would be appreciated.

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