Fife n' Dekel

I'm not really a sandwich person but, if you are, this is definitely the place to go!  Great sandwiches, soups and, I'm told, pies.

I was grateful on a busy work day that a colleague ran out to get a Fife n' Dekel sandwich and shared half of it with me.  It was delicious!  We enjoyed an overstuffed turkey sandwich with a cranberry spread that was just delicious.  Loaded with veggies atop a great fresh bread.  Half of the sandwich was more than enough for both of us.  These guys definitely know how to do sandwiches!

Update - 2015-05-25:

Went there today for lunch and had the Cream of Mushroom soup.  It is clearly made from scratch with a variety of great mushrooms.  Great flavor, rich and creamy.  Very good.

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