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For a second time in less than a month we visited Brown's Socialhouse for their excellent Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Eggs Bennedict.  You know when you have something that is so good, that you find yourself thinking about often, that makes your mouth water and then you go back for a second time and it's never as good as the first time?  Well, not with these Eggs Benny.  They were delicious - again! 

The flavours are just amazing - and this time they were topped with chopped cilantro which I just love so keep that up!  The eggs were again cooked perfectly soft and the potatoes were excellent and crispy on the outside.  The hollandaise is about the best I've ever had. I added a Mimosa to our brunch for $5 with fresh squeezed orange juice and it was awesome. 

If there was anything that I would have liked differently it would be to add more goat cheese.  This is the star of the dish in my mind and brings all the amazing flavours out.  Today, I just had a small dollop in the middle of the English muffin.  I would have liked a little more and for it to spread over the entire muffin.  Also the green onions on the potatoes, which are sliced in long thin diagonals which I love, today they were really limp and looked old. 

Here's where I plan to send my summers - enjoying $20 bottles of wine!

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