De Dutch

This was disgusting!  Easily the worst meal that I have had in a very long time.  We originally headed downtown to try the Brunch at Wildflower Grill, however, they are only open for Brunch on Sundays.  So we headed to Madison's Grill for Eggs Benedict.  They are only open for breakfast until 11:00 am so we headed across the street to De Dutch which was on my list to try based on reviews.  Bad choice, particularly for the price.  It's not cheap, particularly for a chain "diner" which it definitely had the feel of. 

I ordered the Amsterkoek cuz I couldn't come to De Dutch without trying the Pannekoeken.  It had their signature pancake covered with Edam Cheese, Ham, tomato slices, soft poached eggs and hollandaise.  It was gross.  No flavor, upon no flavor, upon no flavor.  Just look at the picture below.  The eggs were served in a bowl on top of my food (I knew about this but it was worse when you actually had your food served this way).  And it's hard to tell from the picture but those eggs are full of water (and I had no spoon to scoop it out with and nowhere to put the water because I had asked for side plate but never received it). 

My husband had the Eggs Amsterdam - your basic Benny with Ham and Edam Cheese.  They serve their bennies on "dutch rusks" which my husband thought were good. Just look at the picture of that hollandaise and you can tell it has no flavor.



To be fair though, there appeared to be many repeat customers there that knew the waitress well and obviously returned repeatedly.  However, it's not for me.  We will not return.  I should have known better. I'm from Victoria and there is one there and I was never drawn to go there but there seemed to be a bit of a hype in Edmonton that lead me to try it. 

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