Calgary Trip - Rodney's Oyster House

Let me start my saying I LOVE THIS PLACE!  I love the concept, I love the vibe, I love fresh seafood in Alberta, I love the ambiance, I love everything!!

  The outside.

 The beautiful inside.

  I love the East Coast feeling of this place and the fact that everything centers around the center bar where the shucking happens!

This is Julius behind the bar. 

Lots of oysters.

  The seafood platter behind a Casear!

  Less hidden.

  This corn is AMAZING!

On the special Stampede Menu we had Jonas Crab stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, a Lobster and Shrimp Corn Dog and that great corn topped with chili lime and parmesan cheese.

And if that wasn't enough I also had to order their famous New England Clam Chowder.

The service at this restaurant is some of the best we've had in a long time.  Our server Jessie was awesome.  Efficient, friendly and engaging.  The Front of the House Manager Brad was excellent and made sure to came by the table to ensure that we were well taken care of.  Julius came out from behind the bar to talk to us and other guests as well.  In fact, many of the servers, even though not responsible for our table, came by to say hello and ensure we were enjoying everything.  Jessie recommended a raspberry beer that they had on tap that was just excellent.  Brad took Philly behind the bar so he could get these great pics.  We could not have had a better time (except if we would have ordered that great seafood platter instead of taking a pic with a 40 zoom lens of someone else's food).  Phil's not really a seafood guy and I doubt I'll ever get him to try fresh oysters but on the next visit we'll definitely have to try something a little more adventurous then the dishes we ordered.  With oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, crab, shrimp etc. etc. etc. to choose from I'll be in heaven.   I hadn't heard of this chain before that has other locations in Toronto and Vancouver but it is now a fave of mine.  We are already planning a return trip to Calgary just so that we can return to this great restaurant.

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