Select - Four Course Table D'Hote

My friend and I agreed to meet at Select on 106th Street in Downtown Edmonton to enjoy a special four course meal offered on a Groupon for $75 for four courses for two people.  We made reservations on Open Table (and have been granted our Open Table points) and arrived at 7:00 pm to a very busy room which continued throughout the night.

Most visitors were also making use of the Groupon which was a great deal as they value the cost of the meal at $130.  While we did have some service issues, I do not believe they were related to the presence of a Groupon or that we got "less than" service because of it.

The menu consisted of four courses with a choice of one of two options in each course.  This surprised me a little.  It would have been very simple to post such a menu on the Groupon deal.  Instead they made it appear that you had a choice of any of the regular menu items.  Oh well, it was not a big deal and we could easily find an item we each liked from the selected courses.  In fact, we just decided to have one of each in each course so we could try everything.

What I have to say is that the food was very good.  The calamari appetizer was absolutely exceptional and probably one of the best preparations of this dish that I have enjoyed.  The calamari was quite tender and the batter very light.  Delicious.  The other appetizer was a Chicken Tikka Masala Perogie covered with bacon and onions which had very nice flavour but for me the calamari couldn't be beat.

We then had a few service issues but it was no big deal.  We were enjoying our company and talking and catching up.  Eventually our salad and soup course arrived.  The soup was a tomato source which I had a bight of and was quite nice.  A small salad with mandarin, feta cheese and a nice viniagrette.  Nice.

Next we shared the two main entrees Beef Cheeks and Artic Char.  We both wanted to try the Beef Cheeks as neither of us thought we had ever had them - and we're foodies after all!  We can't have not tried Beef Cheeks!  They were good, they were very tender.  There was a nice bordelaise reducation sauce on them.  But, to me, overall nothing outstanding, tasted like pot roast.  The Artic Char on the other hand was delicious.  Covered in a delectable teriyaki sauce.  The fish was light and perfectly cooked.  It was sitting on a bed of delicious risotto with fresh crisp vegetables.  I would say the fish won over the beef.

For dessert we had an option of a Duo of Chocolate with a Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Mousse and a Creme Brulee.  We had one of each of course and I think we both enjoyed our chosen choices.  And we were full!

Overall, a lovely evening.  Great company and great food that with the Groupon presented really great value.

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